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Created with all of my 🖤

From personal assistant to one of the most famous lash makers in Germany.
A stroke of fate changed me and my whole life.

My power and ambition created DivineofBeauty.

A brand that makes Lash Makers hearts beat faster.
I wanted to create something different, something new that did not yet exist in Germany, to stand out from the monotonous style.
So I went on a search, a search for something powerful, for something that just cried out for beauty and self-confidence.
I embarked on a journey that took me from Holland to the land of opportunity. AMERICA.

There I was in the middle of California, the sun was beating down, the palm trees were waving, the white sandy beach invited me to swim and the party nights in Beverly Hills only stopped when the sun seemed to set again.

But I did not make the long journey to enjoy America, but to learn something there, something that did not yet exist in Germany.

So I specialized in the supreme discipline. The American Mega🖤Volume! With my master’s degree in my pocket, I flew back home.

Despite my hard training, I didn’t miss out on a few hours of swimming and a few parties in the beautiful villas of Beverly Hills.

It was clear to me that the American Mega🖤Volume had to hit like a bomb in Germany, because this eye look makes women so confident and gives an incredible amount of sex appeal. The dream of all women can finally come true. Only more Lash Maker had to come, which can accomplish this miracle. So I started international schools, I made a tour of Germany and trained countless Lash Maker to American Mega🖤Volume Stylists.

All this was not enough for me, because the absolutely perfect products were missing, I did not just want these conventional lash products that every brand in Germany offers, I wanted the lash products that no one has.

Lash products that are coordinated and harmonize wonderfully with each other.
Everything has to be right, because we want to save time to make more money.
So I flew to China and looked for a factory that could help me realize my quality demands.

I wanted the finest and lightest lashes in the world, lashes that could be fanned out as if by themselves, an adhesive that delivers what it promises and is not aggressive.

Countless test lash boxes (samples) followed in the trash can, it seemed as if my idea could not be realized, but through the very elaborate collaboration, all my acquired knowledge, all my passion and the ambition of both parties, overnight the best

Through the high quality products that simplify the work enormously and the elaborated techniques, we create more volume in less time. This was the breakthrough for me and for all other Lash Makers.

Saving time means more customers
More clients means more ca$h
More Ca$h means absolute independence
Be your own kind of Lash Maker