UV LED Sterilizer Box

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UV LED Sterilizer Box


How can you make your life as a Lash Maker easier? By finding simple solutions to daily challenges.

This is exactly where our UV Sterilizer Box & Wireless Charger comes in.

It kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria in just 3 minutes!

Great for: sterilizing tweezers & masks, charging your smartphone

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Constant & efficient sterilization is a top priority of a Lash Maker, especially when it comes to our beloved tweezers. But applying strong disinfectant solutions on them will only lead to faster removal of the special coating applied on the tweezers. The result? A much poorer grip in a much shorter time. 

What if we could eliminate this problem with a simple accessory that fits in your bag?

Our Divine of Beauty UV Sterilizer box fits all of your tweezers and even your mask! The best part about it? It fights against germs & bacteria from all angles thanks to its 9 UV & LED mechanism.

Leave your tweezers & mask inside the box for 3-10 minutes and you’re ready for the next client!


A daily struggle we can all relate to is the low battery notification that appears on your phone when you least expect it. Always keeping track of your charger and making sure that you don’t misplace it by accident is something that you have to deal with all the time.

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution!

While creating perfect lashes, just place your phone on top of the UV Sterilizer Box. Before you know it, your battery is full & you will forget about the perpetual charger dilemma.

At Divine of Beauty, our efforts are focused on making your life as a Lash Maker easier.

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