SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue

SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue
SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue
SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue
SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue
SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue

SAVAGE Eyelash Extension Glue


  • Low odor
  • Minimal fume
  • Drying time 0.5-1 sec
  • Deep black (thus ensuring a seamless application)
  • Humidity 30-65%
  • Temperature – up to 25°

The glue is only suitable for professional use. Only a certified Lash maker is allowed to work with the SAVAGE Glue.

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The innovative eyelash extension glue has a particularly long shelf life of 7-8 weeks thanks to our Divine of Beauty newly developed formula.

The SAVAGE glue also works perfectly if the humidity of a room is not that great.

The consistency of the glue is not too liquid, but also not too dense. We have found a good balance which allows us to create amazing fans and 1:1 lash extensions with the help of the SAVAGE glue. It’s ideal for 1:1, volume and even for Mega Volume. Even advanced 1: 1 lash makers can work with the SAVAGE without any complications.


Your customers will enjoy their appointments with you because the SAVAGE Glue does a great job without irritating the eyes of the client.

No more burning eyes!

For some, 0.5 seconds of drying time is not enough, for others 1 second is too long. Here, too, we were able to find a great formula: with a drying time between 0.5 – 1 second.




– Shake vigorously before use.

– Prick the nozzle tip with the needle provided for this purpose.

– Let the glue drop sit for 2 minutes.

– Do not let the glue come into contact with the skin.

– The adhesive may only be used with completely closed eyes.

– Use the medical foam masking tape provided for the purpose of masking the lower eyelashes and to additionally reduce the adhesive fumes

– Note that the adhesive cannot trigger an allergic reaction.

– Permanent use of the adhesive can lead to glue sensitivity.

– Test new customers for an allergic reaction to the adhesive by sticking 4-8 eyelash extensions per eye and waiting 48 hours. If there are no symptoms, you can safely use the glue on your customer. Every glue contains different ingredients and therefore every person reacts differently to different glues.



Ethyl cyanoacrylate, carbon black, hydroquinone, PMMA, polyisocyanate

Shelf life 7-8 weeks

not tested on animals & vegan

Divine of Beauty: Premium Lash Products for Divine Lash Makers!

Additional information


– Vor Gebrauch kräftig schütteln. – Mit der dafür vorhandenen Nadel den Rüssel aufstechen. – Gib dem Klebepunkt 2 Minuten Zeit, zum zu ziehen. – Lasse den Kleber nicht mit der Haut in Verbindung kommen. – Der Kleber darf nur bei vollständig geschlossenen Augen angewendet werden. – Verwende zum Abkleben der unteren Wimpern, zur zusätzlichen Reduzierung der Kleberdämpfe das dafür vorgesehene medizinische Schaum-Abklebeband – Beachte, dass der Kleber keine allergische Reaktion auslösen kann. – Bei permanenten Gebrauch kann eine Überempfindlichkeit des Klebers aufgebaut werden. – Teste bei Neukunden vorher auf eine allergische Reaktion des Klebers indem Du 4-8 Wimpernextensions pro Auge klebst und 48 Stunden abwartest. Sollten sich keine Symptome zeigen, kannst Du den Kleber bedenkenlos an deinen Kunden verwenden. Jeder Kleber enthält verschiedene Inhaltsstoffe und somit reagiert jeder Mensch unterschiedlich auf die verschiedenen Kleber.


Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Carbon black, Hydroquinone, PMMA, Polyisocyanate


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