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28 high-quality LEDs ensure uniform lighting for amazing photography or videography. Perfect for showing off the eyelash sets you have created.

Thanks to the universal clip fastening system with anti-slip coating, you can use the ring light with both smartphones and tablets.


The 3 different brightness levels offer you perfect lighting for your eyelash sets in every situation (& of course, also for your selfies or your Insta story posts).

Simply charge the ring light using the supplied micro-USB cable.


We call it a Flash thunderstorm! This classic ring light provides more than enough lighting. After all, your photos & videos are your business card. The better you illuminate your subject, the higher quality your personal marketing will be! The DivineofBeauty ring light is the perfect accessory for your Instagram stories, selfies or even your live performances, as thanks to its perfect, small size – it practically disappears in your handbag and is ready for every use.

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