Infinity Volume Tweezers

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Infinity Volume Tweezers


No matter whether you choose Russian Volume, Light Volume or the dramatic Mega Volume: the Infinity volume tweezers make it easier for you to fan lashes with their slightly curved tip. Due to their special diamond cut, the Infinity volume tweezers are able to easily pick up the 0.03’s, 0.05’s, 0.06’s, 0.07’s and the 0.08’s eyelash extensions from 2-30D.

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All tweezers are handcrafted from high-quality stainless steel. Each pair of tweezers in our range is unique. Learning what the sweet point of every pair of tweezers will make your work easier. The sweet point of our Infinity Volume Tweezers is about 3-4mm from the tip.


Our tweezers are not designed to work with the tip.

The Infinity tweezers have the optimal weight and lie perfectly in your hand.

The ideal tweezers for creating perfect fans.

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