Glue P 🖤t

Glue P 🖤t

Glue P 🖤t


Our glue pot has been specially designed to ensure the correct use of glue. It does not only hold glue in place but also prevents glue waste. The best part? The lash extension glue will stay where it’s meant to, instead of spilling everywhere.

SIZE: approx 5.5cm x 8cm

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The glue pot helps you to perfect your created compartments by using the area around it to straighten the base of the eyelashes.

The glue pot has 12 compartments.
Each of these compartments offers space for a drop of glue.



Simply soak it in acetone for a few minutes and your Glue Pot will be as good as new and ready for keeping the glue in place the next time you use it.

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ca. 5,5cm x 8cm


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