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Adequate Tweezers


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Adequate is as your name suggests suitable for several volume techniques, it is with its elegant body just perfect in the hand, it brings the perfect weight to be able to build a wonderful level with it.

Creating volume fans is namely a matter of feeling and only happens when the appropriate tool is created as for you.

Our entire range of tweezers is handmade from high quality stainless steel. Each tweezer in our range is unique and therefore has its own personal sweet spot.

You must get to know this point before you dedicate yourself to lashing with your new beloved tweezers.

Lash Maker tip: no tweezers are designed to fan with the tip. The sweet spot is usually always 2-4mm away from the tip. With a lot of feeling and calmness you will make your sweet spot within a few minutes.

Our tweezers have a diamond grind for 100% hold of the lash extensions.

With Adequate no more eyelash extensions go missing & every fan sits.

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