Lash Extension Courses

Lash Extension Courses for Divine Lash Makers

The enchanting world of Lash Makers is accessible to anyone who is passionate about beauty, personal improvement, and LASHES. At Divine of Beauty, we organize complete lash artist training courses, designed to offer our students all of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they require to become the best Lash Makers in the world!

basic 1:1 training


This training course is ideal for absolute beginners that do not have any prior knowledge regarding lash extensions.

This 2-day Basic Training 1:1 is necessary to ensure you get off to an excellent start as a lash stylist.

DivineofBeauty® trainers have years of experience both in Germany and abroad, which makes us stand out from other companies.

With the techniques we have created and refined, you will save an enormous amount of time.

When booking a Basic Training 1:1 or any other training with us, you will benefit from a first-class experience designed to help you become an excellent lash maker.  

A trained 1: 1 stylist creates a new lash extension set within 1.5 – 2 hours.


As a student, you will receive a starter kit that includes premium DivineofBeauty® eyelashes and tweezers, especially designed to make your life as a lash maker – easier.


         3 x MixBox Flat cloud 0.10, 0.15, 0.20
         2 x tweezers
         1 x eyelash glue SAVAGE 0.5-1 sec 5ml
         2 x silicone brushes
         1 x eyelash shampoo + brush LashHypnotize
         1 x tile
         1 x theory book basic training 1:1


This training is exclusively available for lash makers who already have a valid 1:1 certificate. Russian Volume 2-7 D is the next step in your career as a lash maker, after having attended the Basic Training 1:1, as it requires experience with the 1:1 technique and careful eyelash isolation.

DivineofBeauty® trainers will help you save a lot of time with our own refined and developed techniques designed to help you create fans from 2 to 7D to give your customers a black, dense matt finish – without damaging their natural eyelashes.

A trained Russian Volume stylist creates a new set within 2-3 hours, since with Russian Volume almost all-natural eyelashes (except the natural baby lashes) are used for a new lash extension set.

All fans are created with the help of the original 0.07 eyelash extensions.


As a student, you will receive a starter kit that includes premium DivineofBeauty® eyelashes and tweezers, especially designed to make your life as a lash maker – easier.


        2 x MixBox magical dream 0.07
        1 x volume tweezers
        1 x eyelash glue SAVAGE 0.5-1 sec 5ml
        2 x silicone brushes
        1 x eyelash shampoo + brush Lash♥Hypnotize
        1 x tile
        1 x theory book Russian Volume


This training is only for experienced lash makers who already have a valid volume certificate, as Mega Volume is the top-level a lash maker can achieve and it requires previous knowledge and experience.DivineofBeauty® has brought the American Mega Volume techniques to Germany!

Our trainers can guarantee a first-class training, due to the experience we have accumulated over the years here in Germany and abroad. You will learn the famous Peachick technique, which we have created and refined under the roof of DivineofBeauty®.

A trained mega Volume stylist creates a new lash extension set within 1.5-2 hours and achieves 3 times the volume than with the classic volume techniques, which sometimes can take 3-4 hours.

This simply means more volume in less time!


As a student, you will receive a starter kit that includes premium DivineofBeauty® eyelashes and tweezers, especially designed to make your life as a lash maker – easier.


        2 x MixBox dreamy litheness 0.03’s
        1 x volume tweezers
        1 x eyelash glue SAVAGE 0.5-1 sec 5ml
        3 x silicone brushes
        1 x lashHypnotize eyelash shampoo + brush
        1 x tile
        1 x theory USB-Stick Mega Volume


This training is designed for lash makers that have already invested in a volume training, but are not happy with what they managed to learn. Maybe they still have trouble creating beautiful fans or can’t figure out the perfect eyelash connection. Maybe they haven’t found the ideal lash products that can help make their work as lash makers – easier. 

At our DivineofBeauty® Perfection Training, you will learn everything you need to, including how to overcome the biggest obstacles a lash artist faces in this beautiful, yet challenging profession.

Our trainers master several volume techniques and have years of experience in the lash extension field. You will learn all about these techniques as well as any tips and tricks that will take your skills and knowledge as a lash maker – to the next level.

Your work will be better, while taking less time!

perfection training
online lash training

Online Training

For easy access to lash training courses, regardless of our students’ location, we are working on lauching DivineofBeauty® ONLINE training courses SOON!

lash training courses online

Learn at Your Pace

Our online training offers you the option to upgrade your skills & knowledge set in your own time because you have unlimited access to our online courses. 


online certificate

Certified at Home

Level up your career – at home with the help of our online courses.


At Divine of Beauty we value community over competition. Why? Because we have all been there – a newcomer that does not know much about lash extensions other than the fact that they are incredibly beautiful. When a student starts working on models, our goal as lash extension trainers is to help them learn, acquire new skills and apply the best techniques for exquisite works of art.

It doesn’t go great from the start. But it is even worse when another lash maker, that has been working in this field for some time – will critique beginners.

In our Divine Community for Lash Makers, this is forbidden!

We are here to change the beauty world and promote the best values, especially the one regarding community, where lash makers stand with each other, to make this world a better place.

From the moment you sign up for one of our lash extension trainings, you will be considered part of the community. Long after having finished the training and actually starting your career in this field, we will keep in touch, offering our lash makers all of the support their need, including some amazing discounts for our Divine of Beauty Premium Lash Products.

We choose the world we live in. Let’s choose beauty & community!

What Do Our Students Say?

Nachdem ich das Mega Volume Training bei Jasmin gebucht hatte, wusste ich nicht, was mich
erwarten würde. Auch ohne Erwartungen konnte sie mich mit ihrer Geduld, ihrem Engagement und
ihrer Leidenschaft für Wimpern und ihre Schulung beeindrucken. Ich bin so glücklich, dass ich die
Peachick-Fächer-Technik gelernt habe. Es ist sicher ein Lebensretter. Wenn ich vorher ungefähr 4
oder 4,5 Stunden gebraucht habe um ein Mega Volume-Set zu kleben, bin ich jetzt in nur 2 Stunden

sara testimonial

Der Start einer neuen Karriere ist ein großer Schritt, besonders wenn du nicht einmal weißt, wie man
eine Pinzette richtig in der Hand hält, haha. Aber ich bin so glücklich, dass ich mich mit Jasmin 1: 1 für das Basic Training angemeldet habe. Sie ist die ideale Trainerin. Selbst wenn ich es vermasselt habe, was ich ziemlich oft getan habe, hatte sie die ganze Geduld der Welt, mir alles zu erklären, was ich wissen musste. Ich arbeite jetzt seit ein paar Monaten als Wimpernstylistin und spreche immer noch mit Jasmin und sende ihr Bilder von meiner Arbeit. Sie hat immer etwas Nettes zu sagen oder weißt mich auf Kleinigkeiten die ich selber übersehen habe hin!


Als ich zum ersten Mal die Technik sah, in der sich Fächer innerhalb von 1-Sekunde kreieren lassen,
konnte ich nicht glauben, dass so etwas in dieser Form tatsächlich existiert! Noch schockierender ist,
dass selbst die großen Marken dieser Art von Wimpernverlängerungsprodukten es nicht anbieten!
Das Mega Volume Training war alles, was ich erwartet hatte und noch viel mehr. Jasmin ist wie ein
Zauberer! Sie ist so nett, obwohl ich es hundert Mal durcheinandergebracht habe, hat Sie solange
mit mir durchgezogen, bis ich es richtig verstanden habe! Ich kann es kaum erwarten, das
Perfektionstraining bei ihr zu machen, um zu einer noch besseren Wimpernstylistin zu werden!


Bevor ich das Mega-Volumentraining mit Jasmin hatte, stand ich vor vielen Herausforderungen in
meiner Arbeit, insbesondere der korrekte Umgang mit dem Kleber. Um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich
vorher keinen Glue Pot benutzt. Ich habe nur die Wimpernstreifen auf die Stirn meiner Kunden
geklebt und dort einen Tropfen Kleber aufgetragen, lol. Jetzt weiß ich genau, welche Produkte ich
brauche und wie ich eine bessere Wimpernstylistin und obendrein noch ein Profi für meine Kunden
sein kann. Vielen Dank Jasmin!


After booking the Mega Volume training with Jasmin, I didn’t know what to expect. Even without any expectations, she managed to impress me with her patience, dedication and passion for lashes and her students. I’m so happy I learned the Peachick fanning technique. It’s a life saver, for sure. If before it took me around 4 hrs or 4.5 hrs to finish a Mega Volume set, now I’m ready in just 2 hours!

sara testimonial

Starting a new career is such a big step, especially when you don’t even know how to hold a pair of lash extension tweezers, haha. But, I am so happy that I signed up for the Basic Training 1:1 with Jasmin. She’s the ideal teacher. Even if I messed up, which I did quite a lot, she had all the patience in the world to explain to me everything I needed. I’ve been working as a lash stylist for a few months now and I still talk to Jasmin and send her pics of my work. She always has something nice to say!


When I first saw the 1 second fanning technique, I couldn’t believe something like this existed! What’s even more shocking is that even the big brands don’t offer this kind of lash extensions products! The Mega Volume training was everything I expected and so much more. Jasmin is like a magician. She’s so nice, even if you mess up a hundred times and doesn’t stop until you get it right! I can’t wait for a perfection training to become an even better lash maker!


Before enrolling in the Mega volume training with Jasmin, I didn’t even know that there are problems that might affect clients or that I need to take better care of my glue. To be honest, I didn’t use a glue pot before. I just stuck the lashes on my clients’ forehead and put a drop of glue there, haha. Now I know exactly what products I need and how I can be a better lash artist and a professional for my clients. Thank you so much Jasmin!